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Install Tame-it Farm for Lotus Approach users also Merge Templates for Microsoft Word

     1. Click the download link below.

     2. You will be asked if you want to save the Tame-it Lotus.exe file.

     3. Click Yes and save it to a folder that you can find after downloading.

     Tame-it Lotus.exe is a self-extracting file, and when activated, it will create a new folder C:\Tame-It.

     4. After downloading, find the file Tame-it Lotus.exe and double click the file.

     5. Just follow the prompts: click Next, then Next, then Yes.

     You now have a new Lotus Approach Tame-it Farm to use for your mailings. You will also have the Microsoft Word Templates to use for Mailing Labels, Envelopes and Mail Merge letters on your hard drive.

     Download Tame-it Lotus.exe

     6. For convenient access, make a shortcut on your Desktop to Tame-It Farm.
          A. At a blank place on the Desktop, right click the mouse.
          B. Click New; click Shortcut; click Browse.
          C. Click the + in front of My Computer.
          D. Click the + in front of Local Disk.
          E. Scroll down to and click on the TAME-IT folder.
          F. Scroll down and click TAME-IT.FARM.APR.
          G. Click OK; click Next; type TAME-IT.FARM.APR.
          H. Click FINISH.
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