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Install Tame-it Folder and Merge Templates for Microsoft Word and Lotus Approach Farm


1. Click the download link below.

2. You will be asked if you want to Open or Save the Tame-it Lotus.exe file.

3. Click Open (or Run if you are using Netscape).

4. Just follow the prompts: click Next, then Next, then Finish.

You now have the folder C:\TAME-IT on your computer that contains the Microsoft Word Templates to use for Mailing Labels, Envelopes and Mail Merge letters and if you have been using Lotus Approach and want to use it instead there is a file called Tame-it Farm.APR. to use for your mailings.

Download Tame-it Lotus.exe

5. The following is for Lotus Approach users only to make a shortcut on your Desktop to Tame-It Farm.

  1. At a blank place on the Desktop, right click the mouse.
  2. Click New; click Shortcut; click Browse.
  3. Click the + in front of My Computer.
  4. Click the + in front of Local Disk.
  5. Scroll down to and click on the TAME-IT folder.
  6. Scroll down and click TAME-IT.FARM.APR.
  7. Click OK; click Next; type TAME-IT.FARM.APR.
  8. Click FINISH.
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